Thursday, April 30, 2015

My Busy Little World

On August 29th, 2014, I became a grandma to beautiful little Zoe.  She is sitting here with my dad, her great grandpa.  She is his 11th great grandchild!!  Your world is forever changed when these little people enter your lives, you just can't get enough snuggles and kisses...they are absolutely wonderful!!

I am still quilting away whenever I find the time.  There are so many quilts out there that I would like to make and soooo many beautiful fabrics that I am convinced I need!  I have enough books, patterns and fabric to keep me quilting for years to come, but for some reason I keep stocking the shelves and filling the drawers with more! 

Of course Zoe has received a few quilts from grandma and I am always on the lookout for more cute little patterns and fabrics to make her just one more.  She will never be without a cozy quilt to snuggle under, full of grandmas love.

I hope you are all well and life has been treating you good.  Until next time.....Cindy


  1. Congratulations...little Zoe is gorgeous!

  2. Wow! She is so pretty! A little red hair princess! Congratulations to you! I wish your dad to have more lovely great grandchildren!