Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Its a Beautiful Day

I am typing this while sitting out on my front patio.  The weather is a balmy 28 degrees here today!  I thought I better enjoy it as much as possible because the weather man is calling for cooler temps and rain for the rest of the week.
Two days ago I cleaned out my quilting room/office.  Midway through I thought it would probably have been easier to just close the door and forget that room ever existed.  However I persevered and mulled through and today it looks like a whole new space.  Still not to sure what to do with all the scraps though. I have them in every shape and size!!  For now they are in bags and buckets waiting to be sifted through...

Other happening around the farm............

Say hello to the latest additions to the farm.  We have 4 little kitties, they are 2 weeks old in this picture.  One of these little cuties is chocolate brown!!  I am keeping that one....another is a tri color, than a tabby and a light grey/brown.  They are their mamas pride and joy!!

This is my veggies garden.  I spend many hours in here over the summer.  I absolutely love sitting down to a meal knowing that it was grown right in my backyard! Who doesn't love sweet summer peas and carrots picked fresh from the garden, or nice little baby potatoes..mmm!

Hopefully with the weather being cooler and rainy tomorrow, I will have a chance to quilt a little.  I love sitting in my sewing room now that it is all clean and fairly organised (really who is ever totally organised?!)