Friday, June 3, 2011

Half Way There

Just a little update to show you where I am at with things....
This is the Chain of Faith Quilt by Moda that I am working on for my neice's wedding.  I am half done...woohoo!!  In the original pattern sample they ussed a red floral for the "chain".  I didn't think it stood out so well so I decided to use a solid red and I am glad I did!  Next post should be a completed top!

Coxcomb Medallion Update --A dozen 3.5" pinwheel blocks, a dozen 3.5" four patch blocks (they are kind of hiding under the pinwheels) and 2 Sampler Blocks.....month 3 done!!  Now to get going on month 4 and have it finished before the 15th of June!!

Little 3" Rail Blocks.

So I was cruising through blogs the other day and came across a post with a picture of the new American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine.  Have you seen it?  Are you lucky enough to already have it in your hands?  Not me :(  In Canada magazines seem to come out 2 weeks later than in the states.....whats with that?!  Anyhow the Quilt on the front caught my eye and I knew I had to make it.....a little tough without the magazine and instructions though!!  Soooo to calm my stitchy fingers until I get my hands on the magazine, I dug into my scraps from my Courthouse Steps Quilt.  Many, many 1" strips, and started sewing them together,  and these tiny little blocks are the end result. I am thinking they will make a nice little table topper with an applique vine/leaf border......another work in progress!!

The wind is blowing like crazy here so it was a good day to stay inside and stitch.  Tomorrow and Sunday are supposed to be sunny and warm, so outside I will be.  I have tons of annuals to plant and many weeds to pick! 

On another note, my oldest daughter is over in Europe travelling around and staying in Hostels.  She is having a great time by the sounds of it. She has a blog to keep everyone posted.   A little scary right now though with the E-coli scare in Europe.  I have asked her to PLEASE don't eat raw veggies.  From what I have heard they still aren't sure where it is the E-coli is coming from....scary for everyone in Europe I am sure.  Hopefully they find the source soon.

Happy Stitching everyone,