Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas to All

Its the day after Christmas and the house is quiet..hmmmm!!  I have been busy sewing away at my shiny new "Janome Horizon"...yup that was my Christmas present and its amazing!!  I am still trying to keep up with the Roll Roll Cotton Boll Mystery.  Step number 6 is a big one so I need to sew constantly.....oh darn (she says with a grin!!)
This is part of step 6...I have a long way to go but I am determined!!

This is my family.  We are a fairly large group, but we still manage to all get together for Christmas.  It is a great time with tons of food a fun gift exchange and lots of laughs :) 

A huge thank you to my Secret Santa Kandipandi.  I was spoiled rotten...patterns, fat quarters, licorice (yum!!), scissors charms and more!!  She had everything wrapped so beautifully and I forgot to take a quick pic before ripping into it.  Thanks again Kandi, I love it all!!

Well I hope this post finds you all safe, healthy and happy this holiday season.  Enjoy your New Year...


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Quiltville Mystery

Just a quick post.  I am working away on Step 3 of the Quiltville Mystery.....Roll Roll Cotton Boll...for those of you working along, you know this is a time consuming step.  Anyhow to make things a little easier, I use my Fons and Porter fabric glue stick,  I apply a little glue down ther center of the paper template, lay the first strip - right side up - on the glue than lay the second strip right side down on the first strip and stitch the long edge.  I find this helps to stabilize things a little and you don't get any warp while stitching on the first two strips.  Love the look of the finished strippy blocks....better get back to stitching I only have 7 done and I would like to have all 60 - 8.5" squares done by the time Bonnie post the next clue on Friday!!  Happy Quilting!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Stitchin' and stuff...

Its been awhile since I posted so I thought I better send an update. 
This was a pattern in a magazine a few years ago.  I had started it way back when, then it was put aside and forgotten for quite some time.  Until the new Kim Deihl book - Simple Graces came out.....there was the table runner pattern!  I dug through my pile of many UFO's and there it was waiting patiently for the last few leaves and little circles to be stitched on. Seriously it maybe took me an hour or so to finish the applique'.  Tah its finished!!  Well all except the quilting.....I am going to hand quilt it like it was done in the book, the Big Stitch method!

Still working on my Courthouse Steps blocks.  I get a little closer each day to having all 144 blocks done!!  Will be a great quilt when its finished.

A friend of mine recently told me about a new Quiltville Mystery Quilt at,  it is called Roll Roll Cotton Boll. Sounded like a lot of fun, so I thought, what the heck!  So far the first two parts have been posted and I have managed to stay on track!  The quilt calls for pinks, greens and browns with red as the constant.  I am looking forward to the finished quilt....hopefully I can stay on track.

We are buried in snow here on the prairies.  The temperature continues to rise and fall.  Last week we were sitting in the -20 to -30 degree celsius range and this week we are at a nice balmy -2 to -15 degrees celsius. 

On a sad note, one of our family pets passed away last week.  Her name was Bonnie and she was 11 years old.  She was a beautiful Greyhound with an awesome personality.  She was a very affectionate girl and will be missed.

Well I hope everyone is finding time in their busy schedules to get some christmas gifts worked on.  We are only 23 short days away from the Jolly Day!! 

Happy Quilting and Stitching,


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Retreat Project and Fun

So the Retreat was a blast.  15 gals, all addicted to quilting who love laughter a glass or two of wine with AMAZING food!!  The location was an unbelievable 40 minute ride from my house!!  I never knew there was such a gorgeous place sooo close by.  We were at the North Bow Lodge - check out their web site at
The owners were super nice and could cook up a storm! 

Bow River

These pics were taken on a walk outside the Lodge.  The weather was amazing so a few of us went for a walk along the river.  The landscape was breathtaking!

So, while on the retreat I decided to work on my Jo Quilt - Courthouse Steps.  I thought I was doing extremely well.  As a matter of fact, on the afternoon that I left I counted up my blocks-40 with the long dark edge (4 extra...or so I thought!) and 31 with the long light edge .............yay only 5 more lights to go!! Ya right ....I was only half way there!  I decided to lay out my quilt today and as I was doing this it came to me that I needed twice as many blocks....argh!!  I had it stuck in my head that I needed 72 blocks total, when what I actually need is 72 of each..........oh well at least I am half way there!!  Glass half full right :)

I am happy with my light/dark contrast.  Well hopefully next time I post this quilt it will be DONE!!

Happy Stitching,


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Quilting, Crochet and More..

Tomorrow I am off on a Quilt  Retreat until Sunday.  I can't wait...we are staying in rooms overlooking a river I believe!  I will post pics next week.  Should be tons of fun, there are about 13 quilters going and who knows how many projects!!  I know I plan to take along at least three quilting projects (Paducah Nine Patch, Jo's Courthouse Steps and an Applique) and one knitting or crochet a good book to read if I find a quiet moment.

I started on another hand applique project.  It is by Barb Adams and its called Wild Pomegranate.  It is 16 - 20" finished squares.  I have one block finished to show you....

In the pattern the blocks lay on their sides and are rotated facing different directions.  I wonder what it might look like set on point?!  I may have to play around with a few different layouts.  The blocks make up fairly quick because of the large pieces.  This is a project that I will be taking on the retreat. 

This past week I have been to Canmore Alberta, a day trip with my oldest daughter.  We were craving a little time in the yarn shop
It is called Knit and Caboodle.  Great little shop with tons to see.  We try to get there at least once a year. We both found some nice new yarns and a few projects to keep us busy for awhile.

Also went on a quick trip to Kalispell Montana.  I managed to find moment to stop in at the yarn shop there..Camas Creek  Again a great shop with so much to see and touch.  I came away from there with a few little goodies as well.

Just a few of the goodies I brought home.  The books - Miss Rosies Spice of Life Quilts - was from the Quilt Store..Glacier Quilts in Kalispell.

The days are getting shorter and a lot colder here.  It is definately the time to hang around inside with a warm cup of tea (or a cinnamon dolce' latte - from Starbucks if your so lucky!).  Pick up your knitting or quilting and enjoy!

Happy Quilting........


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Harvest Time

Just a quick post to show you all what happening around the farm...............

Things are moving along well and the weather is cooperating!

A little chit chat then back to work!

Ooops.....the grain truck is stuck!!

The Truck is out and all is well and moving along again!!

On the stitching front...I did a little tidying in my sewing room today!  I tried to organize my scraps....they were everywhere.  Now the bigger pieces are folded in baskets........most of them, and I am down to one basket with scraps!!  Still a little chaotic in there though......time to buy some new shelving. 

Happy Harvest,


Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Couldn't Help Myself!!

After staring at the Jo Morton quilt on the front of the American Patchwork and Quilting magazine, I gave in!!  I started cutting 1" strips of any Jo or repro fabric I could find in my stash.....the pile is growing!  Then I cut the red center squares, and next came the blocks!  I think I am up to 20 completed blocks now and loving it! I have to make 174 blocks I believe if I want the size in the magazine, but my plan is to make it big enough for my bed.....big plans!!  I am going a little lighter with my lights...better definition I think.

Blocks aren't layed out properly so there is no real pattern yet!!  Many more to go!

This is a Jan Patek applique I started many moons ago.  Time to finish it I think...I am almost done the applique then need to add the border!  It will be nice on the wall next spring!

Another little project that needs completed.  Its quite small, great for a little Mug Rug!

Just a quick look at a few of the things I have been working away on over the past couple of weeks!

 This morning I was out in the garden digging up potatoes.  I guess we may have a little moisture in the form of the "white stuff" on Friday.  Lots of combining to go yet so hopefully the weather man is wrong on this one!!  I guess I better get back to the gardening, still more cleaning to do so its ready for the winter.

One more thing.....A big thanks to Vickie from Spun Sugar Quilts. Check out Vickie's blog at   I am one of 6 lucky winners from her 600th blog post.  Not sure what I won, but its coming in the mail and its quilty!! Thanks again Vickie and congrats on 600 posts!!

Have a Great Day,


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sew Many Leaves

Today I finally finished sewing all of my little 5" leaf blocks for the "Small Quilt Talk Challenge".  They are scrappy little blocks made with reproduction fabrics.  Quite darling really............

Tomorrow they will be mailed to the US, and soon after all of the participants will each have a new set of leaf blocks to do whatever they wish with!

I have really been enjoying checking out all the blogs participating in the FFF (Fall into Fall).  There are so many great give a ways.  I have been wanting to do a few of the projects as well. Now that my leaves are done I just might do that!

I just picked up the December American Patchwork and Quilting!  For those of you who don't have it, it is a must.  The quilt on the cover is definitely one I have to do.  It is a Courthouse Steps Quilt by Jo Morton.  An excellent way to use up your reproduction scraps.....or at least make a small dent in the pile!!

Happy Quilting


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sew Quick

Hi all,

In about a half an hour I managed to make the cutest little change purse.  Remember I had picked up the supplies in New York.  The instructions are all in Japanese, but the shop where I purhcased the fabric and handle at, have it in English on their blog,  Its a darling little purse if I do say so myself.

Its hard to tell but the handle has little light green marbles on top and the fabric has a nice small light green print.  I think I will just sit and look at it for awhile!!

I would like to send out a hugeTHANK YOU to Karen at  I was a lucky gal and won her draw for a darling little "wavy wipers" bundle.

Wavy Wipers

I Love, love, love getting neat little packages in the mail!  That and magazines, I am a magazine/book junkie!! Thanks again Karen, they will be put to good use in my busy little house!

I am also working on some mittens for my 3 and 5 year old  great nephews.  I am a lucky aunty that gets to babysit them twice a week as well as their little brother (one year old).  We have a lot fun.  When I knit, they like to throw the ball of yarn in the air or hold my needles and knit along with me.  They put in their orders for yellow mittens with some rainbow colors and red mittens with some rainbow colors!!  Tall order I know but I shall fill it.....

On another note.......Fall is in the Air!  It is very damp here so harvest is moving along at a snails pace!  I am anxious to see the combines in the fields and the dust in the air.  I really hope we have a bit of an Indian Summer..........soon!  Fall draws me towards fabrics in red, orange, rust, get  the picture!  Still not sure on what to make but I want leaves in it and maybe a few pumpkins....ideas?



Saturday, September 11, 2010

New York, New York

Well we are home safely from an awesome trip to New York!!  My daughter and I were a block away from the ever so busy Time Square!! It really is "The City that Never Sleeps". What an amazing place.
When in New York, what do you do,shop and shop some more!!  I was happy to find that there was a little quilt shop a short Taxi drive away.  It was called The City Quilter.  Great shop,  when you get there you have to ring the doorbell and they buzz you in.  I am assuming this is for safety.  Chalsie and I both managed to find a few goodies too bring home from this friendly shop.....shocking I know!!
My purchases from The City Quilter in New York
They carried a lot of nice little florals.  I would like to do another Aunt Amy Quilt (aka - Bulls Eye) sometime in the future, so I decided to start collecting the fabric now.  It (the quilt) looks so old and vintage if done in a bunch of soft florals.  Something else to add to the list of to-do's!

We also found a nice shop called Purl Soho in the Soho District.  They carried yarns, notions and some fabric as well.  This shop was a little slice of heaven!!  They carried Reproduction fabric.....3 cheers....and some of the nicest, hardest to find fabric..............London Lawns!!  I absolutly love lawns, however they are $35.00/yard....yup you read that right!!  So I picked out 5 of my favorite prints and had them cut long quarters for me.  I could not resist!! Also, lying all around the shop were these darling little change purses.  I aksed the girl about them and she said they carried the clasps there and the pattern is free on their blog or website, I have to check it out since I bought enough to make two!!  Plus some gorgous yarns and a book....

Purchases from Purl Soho in the Soho District of New York

So as you can see it was a great trip.  We hit many more shops and cafes along the way and had an awesome time.  Can't wait to go back.....

Until next time,


Oh and when I got home my new Quilt Mania arrived in the mail while I was away!!   

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pheonix Arizona

Just a quick note.  I am on my way with my daughter to New York.....its Fashion Week!!  We have a short layover here in Arizona!!  Just enough time to catch up on blogs and work on a few of my little baskets.  I told you you can take them anywhere :)   I am hoping to find a quilt store near our hotel....keep your fingers crossed!!
Happy Quilting


Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Week in a Nutshell

Where to begin....I have been working on wayyy to many quilty things!!  If I would stick to one or two I might actually get something finished!  I am a quilt junkie :)  So I will share a few of the things I have been working on this past week:
These are a few basket blocks I just started on a few days ago.  My inspiration for these came from two sources.  One was the new McCalls Quilting magazine, a quilt in there called Cocoa's Baskets, the other place of inspiration was from a fellow bloggers site, Karen at . She has a great picture of a basket quilt she just completed.  Still not sure on a layout or anything, I just enjoy applique so I will keep working on them until I think I have enough!!

 These are my little baskets from the book, When the Cold Wind Blows.  I started on them this past spring, during a snow storm.  Our power was out and I needed something to work on that didn't involve my sewing machine or anything using electricity.  These little guys fit the bill, and I can take them anywhere to work on.  They are 5.5" and very portable.  Definatly a work in progress!!  Believe it or not, I never used to like basket blocks...not sure what changed, but I seem to be going a little overboard with them lately.  Still not sure I would like machine pieced ones...but you never know what might happen if the right one came along!!
Here is another one of my Lynette Anderson BOM blocks.  Still working away on this one, but not much left to do.  Instead of doing the Satin Stitch in all of the flowers I am coloring in some of the petals.  I like how it looks and it speeds up the process a little.  They are adorable little blocks that really don't take to long.
Can anyone guess what this is? Its not quilty, thats for sure, however it is taking up some counter space where i like to work on my quilts!!haha... Its crabapple juice!  I am in the process of making jelly.  Yesterday me and a few of my peeps were pickling and today I am working on jelly.  It has to Drip for at least 2 hours or over night before I move onto the next step.  I have two batches going and enough crabapples to make at least another dozen!!

Well that is my week in a nut shell, other than basic chores and such!  On Wednesday I am off to New York with my oldest daughter.  It is fashion week and she just had to go.....there was no way her dad was letting her go to New York on her own, so I guess she gets to drag her mom along!!  I told her, we can do all the fancy shops and such, but if there is a quilt and/or yarn shop near by we are going!!

Oh and I almost forgot....I am a winner.  I entered one of Messy Karens  blog draws and won. Yaa hoo!! I won a stack of her Wavy Wipers....can't wait for my package to arrive.  I am thinking it will show up when I am in New York so it will be a good treat when I get home.  Thanks bunches Karen :)

Take care all, and have an awesome long weekend,


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Welcome Fall

Ahhhh, what an awesome day!  The kids are back in school today, the sun is shining this morning and all is well.  My husband is out the door to get the combine all ready for harvest.  I love this time of year,  I am dreaming of fall quilt projects to work on, but have came up with nothing yet.  A small table topper in fall colors, an applique wall hanging with pumpkins, hmmmm.....After a few chores I plan on sitting out on the deck and stitching the afternoon away.  Maybe then I will decide on my fall project.

A little peek at what I have been working on.... 
I am working on a mini quilt.  It is one of the challenges at Small Quilt Talk, a group that is run by Kathleen Tracy.  I believe it has to be completed by October 4, so I am doing good for time.  I actually cut enough to make 24 star blocks!!  I could make at least 3 mini's!!  Not sure on the layout yet, but I am working on a few ideas.  For now I will just keep making star blocks.  They are super quick to whip up if you have everything cut and ready*  Stay tuned for the finished projects.

Is this not the cutest little block ever!  I have recently signed up for a BOM at a great little quilt shop in Calgary AB.  This is a Lynette Anderson BOM, and for anyone not familiar with her work you should check out her blog at - The small blue birdhouse is actually a little hand painted button!!  Each of the blocks in this BOM will have a cute little hand painted button on it, along with embroidery and a little applique.  What a great mix of my favorite things :)

Well I better get out and feed the animals. I am sure they are all wondering where I am this morning.  Oh and I think the washing machine just finished, so I have towels to go hang on the line! 

Just another day on the farm!

Peace,  Cindy

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Me, Myself and I

I don't know how it happened....but it did!  I am at home.........ALONE!!  Woohoo.  Not that I like to be alone all the time, its just that it rarely happens at my house.  There are my kids and their friends and hubby and his friends and so on!  Anyhow, everyone had plans but moi.  So I have just come in from feeding the horses, dogs and cats and I am going to QUILT!  Not sure what to work on, but considering my extensive pile I shouldn't have a hard time choosing.  I think I will start with a little applique, move on to some cutting and perhaps a little piecing on the machine after that!

It shall be an awesome afternoon.  I may even go outside to work on the applique.  It has warmed up considerably now that the smoke has cleared (from the BC fires) and the sun has a chance to shine.
This is a small portion of a flowerbed in the front of my house.

Until next time,


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Its a Beautiful Day

I am typing this while sitting out on my front patio.  The weather is a balmy 28 degrees here today!  I thought I better enjoy it as much as possible because the weather man is calling for cooler temps and rain for the rest of the week.
Two days ago I cleaned out my quilting room/office.  Midway through I thought it would probably have been easier to just close the door and forget that room ever existed.  However I persevered and mulled through and today it looks like a whole new space.  Still not to sure what to do with all the scraps though. I have them in every shape and size!!  For now they are in bags and buckets waiting to be sifted through...

Other happening around the farm............

Say hello to the latest additions to the farm.  We have 4 little kitties, they are 2 weeks old in this picture.  One of these little cuties is chocolate brown!!  I am keeping that one....another is a tri color, than a tabby and a light grey/brown.  They are their mamas pride and joy!!

This is my veggies garden.  I spend many hours in here over the summer.  I absolutely love sitting down to a meal knowing that it was grown right in my backyard! Who doesn't love sweet summer peas and carrots picked fresh from the garden, or nice little baby potatoes..mmm!

Hopefully with the weather being cooler and rainy tomorrow, I will have a chance to quilt a little.  I love sitting in my sewing room now that it is all clean and fairly organised (really who is ever totally organised?!)


Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Well I am back from a great holiday!  Myself and family and friends headed down to Eureka Montana for a much needed vacation.  The weather was a little unusual for that area.  It is normally very hot and dry there, but they were actually getting rain!!  The day we arrived, we stopped for groceries at the local Market and the fellow working there said to my husband, "were you here for the big rain?".  We had a good chuckle because I don't even think they got a 1/4" out of it!!

This past Saturday I attended the Annual Eureka Montana Quilt Show.  As usual there were some amazing quilts for show and sale. I am constantly amazed at all of the unbelievable talent far and wide.  I already can't wait for next years EMQS!  The shops that attended and set up booths had some great little finds......I probably spent more than I should have, but only comes once a year!!

This was one of my favorite quilts in the show.
It was all appliqued and quilted by hand.  A beautiful piece of work! It was hung sideways on the
building, oops!

As always when you leave home for a week, the weeds grow.  Tomorrow my day will be spent working in the gardens trying to get ahead of the weeds!  Not sure if this is possible, but I will do my best.  Hopefully I will get a chance to do a little quilting too.  

Until Next time

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Since this is all very new to me, my blog may look a little rough around the edges for awhile. I have been meaning to start a BLOG but never got around to it until I accidently found myself signing up for one. I thought I was entering a contest to win a cute a little bear from another Blog Site (not sure if that is what they are called, but you get the idea!) and realized I was creating my own blog! Did I mention i am not so good with computers?! Anyhow here I am!

Time to head outside. The weather is gorgeous and the gardens are thirsty so I better get at it! When all the work is done I might take a moment to sit on the deck and work on some little appliques baskets. The plan is to make about 300 I believe for a quilt I am working on! Wow, I haven't even made it a quarter of the way there yet.....definatly a long term project I think! When I figure out how to post pictures I will show off some of my little baaskets!