Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas to All

Its the day after Christmas and the house is quiet..hmmmm!!  I have been busy sewing away at my shiny new "Janome Horizon"...yup that was my Christmas present and its amazing!!  I am still trying to keep up with the Roll Roll Cotton Boll Mystery.  Step number 6 is a big one so I need to sew constantly.....oh darn (she says with a grin!!)
This is part of step 6...I have a long way to go but I am determined!!

This is my family.  We are a fairly large group, but we still manage to all get together for Christmas.  It is a great time with tons of food a fun gift exchange and lots of laughs :) 

A huge thank you to my Secret Santa Kandipandi.  I was spoiled rotten...patterns, fat quarters, licorice (yum!!), scissors charms and more!!  She had everything wrapped so beautifully and I forgot to take a quick pic before ripping into it.  Thanks again Kandi, I love it all!!

Well I hope this post finds you all safe, healthy and happy this holiday season.  Enjoy your New Year...



  1. Merry Christmas honey I love your new machine and I am so glad your parcel arrived in time!
    Kandi x

  2. Cindy , you weren't the only one spoiled! that's exactly how i felt when i rcvd your fantastic Christmas pkg!! i delited in opening every pkg or nxt layer of discovery! you absolutely nailed my fave colours for scarf, fabric & the bracelet!!
    you amazed me with every item :))
    you made it an absolute treat to have participated.. & such a secret i had to email rebecca to find you :))
    may your heart be full as you enter this new year! every blessing & kindness be yours...

  3. Gee, I thought 15 at my house on Christmas was a big gathering!! What fun you must have had!!
    I finished connecting my hst of the mystery and will move on to the triangles today.