Sunday, December 5, 2010

Quiltville Mystery

Just a quick post.  I am working away on Step 3 of the Quiltville Mystery.....Roll Roll Cotton Boll...for those of you working along, you know this is a time consuming step.  Anyhow to make things a little easier, I use my Fons and Porter fabric glue stick,  I apply a little glue down ther center of the paper template, lay the first strip - right side up - on the glue than lay the second strip right side down on the first strip and stitch the long edge.  I find this helps to stabilize things a little and you don't get any warp while stitching on the first two strips.  Love the look of the finished strippy blocks....better get back to stitching I only have 7 done and I would like to have all 60 - 8.5" squares done by the time Bonnie post the next clue on Friday!!  Happy Quilting!!


  1. Good tip, Cindy! Wish this one had started at another time of year. I would have loved to sew along and consume some scraps!

  2. Hey Cindy! Check out this blog and see the same project under way -
    She also has a FABULOUS ironing board idea for travel (or for working elsewhere in the house).