Saturday, September 11, 2010

New York, New York

Well we are home safely from an awesome trip to New York!!  My daughter and I were a block away from the ever so busy Time Square!! It really is "The City that Never Sleeps". What an amazing place.
When in New York, what do you do,shop and shop some more!!  I was happy to find that there was a little quilt shop a short Taxi drive away.  It was called The City Quilter.  Great shop,  when you get there you have to ring the doorbell and they buzz you in.  I am assuming this is for safety.  Chalsie and I both managed to find a few goodies too bring home from this friendly shop.....shocking I know!!
My purchases from The City Quilter in New York
They carried a lot of nice little florals.  I would like to do another Aunt Amy Quilt (aka - Bulls Eye) sometime in the future, so I decided to start collecting the fabric now.  It (the quilt) looks so old and vintage if done in a bunch of soft florals.  Something else to add to the list of to-do's!

We also found a nice shop called Purl Soho in the Soho District.  They carried yarns, notions and some fabric as well.  This shop was a little slice of heaven!!  They carried Reproduction fabric.....3 cheers....and some of the nicest, hardest to find fabric..............London Lawns!!  I absolutly love lawns, however they are $35.00/yard....yup you read that right!!  So I picked out 5 of my favorite prints and had them cut long quarters for me.  I could not resist!! Also, lying all around the shop were these darling little change purses.  I aksed the girl about them and she said they carried the clasps there and the pattern is free on their blog or website, I have to check it out since I bought enough to make two!!  Plus some gorgous yarns and a book....

Purchases from Purl Soho in the Soho District of New York

So as you can see it was a great trip.  We hit many more shops and cafes along the way and had an awesome time.  Can't wait to go back.....

Until next time,


Oh and when I got home my new Quilt Mania arrived in the mail while I was away!!