Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Orca Bay Catch Up......Not Quite!!

I don't know about you guys, but the last few days I haven't even been able to look in my sewing room, never mind get in there to sew!  Last night I thought I had better sneak in there to see where I had left off with the Orca Bay Mystery.  As it turns out, no Magic Quilting Fairies stopped by to get me caught up, everything was just as I had left it....
So I managed to get back at it....

some quarter square and half square triangle blocks waiting to be pressed!

   my blue 3.5" strip pieced blocks all done....phew!
and some of the little 1/2 square triangle blocks along with the little brown triangles to add on to either side. 
a few of the red strip pieced blocks, along with a basket full of strips to make many more!

I have tried to do at least a little of each step and have even managed to completely finish a step or two...yay me :)  Hopefully I can get into my sewing room and get caught up on this darn quilt one day soon!  But for now I think I will sit back and relax and bring out the Coxcomb Applique Blocks :)

Happy New Year Everyone,


Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Quilt

This is the Quilt I made at the Retreat I went to in November.  It was a pattern in the  Primitive Quilts and Projects Magazine.  I had pre cut all the pieces ahead of time, so I just had to sew away :)  I am thrilled with the way it turned out....and I only had to buy the sashing and border fabrics the rest were from my stash!

Happy Holidays to Everyone,


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sew, Sew, Sew

I have all of the Orca Bay Part 2 stitched but some are still in need of a trim.  Part 1 and 3 are still at different stages, but I keep sneaking away to my sewing room, between loads of laundry and dirty dishes!!  My plan is to have all 3 steps finished by Friday...

I have recently (like the last three started using the start/stop button on my sewing machine.  I was a little hesitant but now I really like it.  No more foot pedal....I know it sounds crazy doesn't it!!  A couple of friends were telling me they only use the start/stop button and love it, so I thought, what the was a little awkward at first, my foot kept looking for the pedal, but not anymore!!

Happy Stitchin'


Saturday, December 3, 2011

I am Still Here

So its been a busy month...I have been on two Quilting Retreats....excellent time at both!!  Two different groups of ladies and two very different locations.  The first was held in a Lodge over looking the Bow River, the view was beautiful.  The second was in the town of Banff Alberta, another beautiful location with the mountains in the background.  I could go on one retreat a month, if it was possible!

This is three of the gals on the first retreat (I forgot to take pics at the second one!)

This is the view of the Bow River.  Its really low right now in this area.

This is my friend Kate and her first quilt!! Doesn't she look proud?  My friend Cheryl gave her the fabric and I cut it all up for her, so all she had to do was sew!! She actually came to get some Scrapbooking done, but I think we got her hooked on Quilting...heehee!

I have been busy working away on the lastest Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt, Orca Bay.  She is on step three, and in her usual fashion, there are many small pieces in each step!  Sooooo...I haven't actually finished one step completly but I do have some of each done......

I have decided to use brown instead of black in my quilt.  I have enough brown to do this 10 times over!!  Hopefully this will make a small dent in the stash.

This is what it looks like outside right now, (we have a winter storm watch in our area) so my plan is to sew the day away and get caught up on Orca Bay... or at least finish up with one of the steps!

Happy Stitching,