Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer Time Slow Down

I hope Everyone is enjoying a beautiful Sunny Summer!
Every year it seems, my quilting slows dramatically during the summer.  I spend as much time as possible outside enjoying the sunshine and trying to keep the veggie garden and flower beds as weed free as possible (easier said then done!!)  Here in Alberta we have a very short summer, so if you don't get outside too often it will be fall before you know it!!

However we do have our rainy days and that usually means I get a chance to sit at my sewing machine for awhile. 

Coxcomb Medallion with 2 of the 4 borders on. 

A great new book full of fall projects and a few plaids to go with!!

Jan Patek Double Wedding Ring Quilt!

A little story with this pattern.  My daughter Chalsie got engaged this summer :)  She was away for a month travelling around Europe and upon her return her boyfriend Jason proposed.  As she was coming down the escalator at the Airport he got down on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage........very romantic!!
So I asked her to pick a pattern for a Wedding Quilt.........she picked a Traditional  Double Wedding Ring!  Yikes.....thank goodness I have almost a year to make it!!  Who out in blogland has made one of these challenging quilts?  I would love a little feedback as to patterns used, foundation pieced vs templates, and so on!!

This is my veggie garden!  I will be heading outside to water and weed it today.  We are supposed to have temps around 29 degrees celcius!! 
My little Peony Patch.  I think its time to cut a few and bing them inside to enjoy :)

I couldn't resist posting a pic of my Apple Tree.  This is the first year I have had apples growing and I love to look at it everyday!  I am pumped to bite into the first juicy apple when they are ready.....maybe make an apple pie or two!!

Well that about brings you all up to date. 

Happy Stitching,