Saturday, August 21, 2010

Me, Myself and I

I don't know how it happened....but it did!  I am at home.........ALONE!!  Woohoo.  Not that I like to be alone all the time, its just that it rarely happens at my house.  There are my kids and their friends and hubby and his friends and so on!  Anyhow, everyone had plans but moi.  So I have just come in from feeding the horses, dogs and cats and I am going to QUILT!  Not sure what to work on, but considering my extensive pile I shouldn't have a hard time choosing.  I think I will start with a little applique, move on to some cutting and perhaps a little piecing on the machine after that!

It shall be an awesome afternoon.  I may even go outside to work on the applique.  It has warmed up considerably now that the smoke has cleared (from the BC fires) and the sun has a chance to shine.
This is a small portion of a flowerbed in the front of my house.

Until next time,