Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My New Favorite!!

This may possibly be my new favorite quilt!!  I love how all the scraps blend looks like something you might find at Grandmas house.  Once it is quilted and washed and gets that worn and loved look it will be even better!! 
 Still trying to decide on  a border.  I have pictured two options, but really not sure I like either of them yet.....hmmmm!

One Border Choice - not really my favorite!!

The Couthouse Steps Quilt

Another border option, still not sure I like it, but its better than the other one!!

This quilt has 174 - 5" finished blocks in it and over 2900 pieces.  I know this because my kids were curious!   

Now back to the pieced borders on my RRCB!

Happy Stitchin'