Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Week in a Nutshell

Where to begin....I have been working on wayyy to many quilty things!!  If I would stick to one or two I might actually get something finished!  I am a quilt junkie :)  So I will share a few of the things I have been working on this past week:
These are a few basket blocks I just started on a few days ago.  My inspiration for these came from two sources.  One was the new McCalls Quilting magazine, a quilt in there called Cocoa's Baskets, the other place of inspiration was from a fellow bloggers site, Karen at . She has a great picture of a basket quilt she just completed.  Still not sure on a layout or anything, I just enjoy applique so I will keep working on them until I think I have enough!!

 These are my little baskets from the book, When the Cold Wind Blows.  I started on them this past spring, during a snow storm.  Our power was out and I needed something to work on that didn't involve my sewing machine or anything using electricity.  These little guys fit the bill, and I can take them anywhere to work on.  They are 5.5" and very portable.  Definatly a work in progress!!  Believe it or not, I never used to like basket blocks...not sure what changed, but I seem to be going a little overboard with them lately.  Still not sure I would like machine pieced ones...but you never know what might happen if the right one came along!!
Here is another one of my Lynette Anderson BOM blocks.  Still working away on this one, but not much left to do.  Instead of doing the Satin Stitch in all of the flowers I am coloring in some of the petals.  I like how it looks and it speeds up the process a little.  They are adorable little blocks that really don't take to long.
Can anyone guess what this is? Its not quilty, thats for sure, however it is taking up some counter space where i like to work on my quilts!!haha... Its crabapple juice!  I am in the process of making jelly.  Yesterday me and a few of my peeps were pickling and today I am working on jelly.  It has to Drip for at least 2 hours or over night before I move onto the next step.  I have two batches going and enough crabapples to make at least another dozen!!

Well that is my week in a nut shell, other than basic chores and such!  On Wednesday I am off to New York with my oldest daughter.  It is fashion week and she just had to go.....there was no way her dad was letting her go to New York on her own, so I guess she gets to drag her mom along!!  I told her, we can do all the fancy shops and such, but if there is a quilt and/or yarn shop near by we are going!!

Oh and I almost forgot....I am a winner.  I entered one of Messy Karens  blog draws and won. Yaa hoo!! I won a stack of her Wavy Wipers....can't wait for my package to arrive.  I am thinking it will show up when I am in New York so it will be a good treat when I get home.  Thanks bunches Karen :)

Take care all, and have an awesome long weekend,