Friday, June 3, 2011

Half Way There

Just a little update to show you where I am at with things....
This is the Chain of Faith Quilt by Moda that I am working on for my neice's wedding.  I am half done...woohoo!!  In the original pattern sample they ussed a red floral for the "chain".  I didn't think it stood out so well so I decided to use a solid red and I am glad I did!  Next post should be a completed top!

Coxcomb Medallion Update --A dozen 3.5" pinwheel blocks, a dozen 3.5" four patch blocks (they are kind of hiding under the pinwheels) and 2 Sampler Blocks.....month 3 done!!  Now to get going on month 4 and have it finished before the 15th of June!!

Little 3" Rail Blocks.

So I was cruising through blogs the other day and came across a post with a picture of the new American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine.  Have you seen it?  Are you lucky enough to already have it in your hands?  Not me :(  In Canada magazines seem to come out 2 weeks later than in the states.....whats with that?!  Anyhow the Quilt on the front caught my eye and I knew I had to make it.....a little tough without the magazine and instructions though!!  Soooo to calm my stitchy fingers until I get my hands on the magazine, I dug into my scraps from my Courthouse Steps Quilt.  Many, many 1" strips, and started sewing them together,  and these tiny little blocks are the end result. I am thinking they will make a nice little table topper with an applique vine/leaf border......another work in progress!!

The wind is blowing like crazy here so it was a good day to stay inside and stitch.  Tomorrow and Sunday are supposed to be sunny and warm, so outside I will be.  I have tons of annuals to plant and many weeds to pick! 

On another note, my oldest daughter is over in Europe travelling around and staying in Hostels.  She is having a great time by the sounds of it. She has a blog to keep everyone posted.   A little scary right now though with the E-coli scare in Europe.  I have asked her to PLEASE don't eat raw veggies.  From what I have heard they still aren't sure where it is the E-coli is coming from....scary for everyone in Europe I am sure.  Hopefully they find the source soon.

Happy Stitching everyone,



  1. I totally love all of your blocks. I have my APQ magazine and can't wait to have enough scraps to make that quilt on the cover.

  2. I was drawn to that pattern on the cover of APQ magazine the minute I saw it too! I also have plans to make the chain of know what they say about great minds. :)

  3. love that quilt so far! great job. the red really makes it pop!

  4. I'm a little behind here, but wow! You are working on some wonderful projects! The wedding gift is fabulous and I love the solid red.
    Love the tiny rail blocks too.

  5. I love the solid red in your quilt. It really shows off the diagonal lines. I just found that magazine here, too, and I am cutting strips to make some of those rail fence blocks.

  6. Love your projects! I finished piecing my "Rail Fence" quilt and have it waiting in line to be quilted. Yours is going to be great too! I am going to have to make the "Chain of Faith" quilt too, love yours!!

  7. glad you like my quilt on the cover of American Patchwork and Quilting
    always fun to make quilts using our scraps! I love little blocks so yours are adorable 3"