Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sew Much Going On

It seems like it has been ages since I last posted.  I believe there was actually snow on the ground the last time I wrote.  Since then I have planted most of my veggie garden, cleaned some of my flowerbeds and mowed the lawn....twice!!  And if this constant rain keeps up it will be like mowing through a jungle when the sun finally shines!!
  I am not complaining though, there is so much turbulent weather around the globe right thoughts go out to all those affected by flooding, fires and tornadoes.  Mother nature can be so unpredictable and at times unforgiving.

On a lighter note, I have managed to squeeze in some quilting time.  It seems with the warmer temps. it becomes harder and harder to find a moment to sit and enjoy our craft, whatever it may be!  Here is a peek of a few of the projects I have been working on:

These two pics are of a quilt I am working on for my niece for her wedding in August.  It is a free pattern on the MODA blog.  The pattern is Chain of Faith....seemed fitting for a wedding!  The picture on the right is a finished block...19 more to go plus sashing and,sew,sew.......

This is the Pomegranate Applique Quilt I am working on.  I have half of the blocks done. Eight more to go. Still not sure on the layout but I think it will be easier to decide when all of the blocks are complete!  You kind of have to look at this one sideways, I should have flipped it before I posted it.....oh!!

I need to make many more of these little pinwheels.  They belong to my BOM Coxcomb Medallion Quilt.  Things were a little to busy for me last week so I missed the monthly get together. 

Two quilts I picked up from the quilter.  Just need to bind and enjoy now!  I still have four more being quilted....I better get stitching on those bindings or I may never catch up!

These are just some wild crocuses in the pasture behind my house.  Now that the weather has warmed up I try to get outside for a walk now and then.  Two of my dogs like to walk with me, the smaller pup is my sons.  They sure enjoyed all the water!!

Happy stitching to all....I hope the sun is shining brightly in your corner of the world :)



  1. So many awesome projects, I love the colours in the Moda quilt. Your applique is gorgeous. And the log cabin quilt has been on my list for a long time, yours looks fantastic. Enjoy the warmer days.

  2. many great things in this post! I love BOTH of the quilts that are waiting for binding, just gorgeous! I also have a plan to start the Chain of Faith quilt, so it's encouraging to see yours...can't wait to see progress!

  3. Your projects are beautiful! Isnt't it important to have a variety of things going on? Even the fresh air from the garden. Looking forward to your next post!

  4. oh I love the projects your working on too! the moda block would make a great little quilt and whats better then red and brown!
    The pomegranate quilt is just soooo beautiful
    where is the pattern from or did you design it?
    stitching bindings on is something I need to do too! funny how they start to pile up sometimes and I love doing it!

  5. Pomegranate eh? I knew you would get that done! Look at how awesome it is! I'm excited to see what you do with it to assemble the top when the other applique blocks are done!

  6. Wow, I really like your Pomegranate Applique. I need to scroll backwards more to see if you have any other information listed on your blog.

  7. Your applique project is just gorgeous. Please share with us what pattern you are working from.

  8. Cindy, hows your Pomegranate Applique Quilt coming? I stopped in to see if you had reported any progress. Hope your having a nice summer.