Thursday, April 21, 2011


Arriving home from "Club" night last night I noticed my parking spot was taken!  My son had a few friends over and apparently they assumed if the spot in front of the house was empty it was free for the taking..........NOT!!  Regardless, I didn't fuss I parked down by the dog house.  It was a nice night after all, snow was melting and it actually smelled a little bit like Spring rain!!  Turned off the truck, gathered my quilty goodies in my hands and stepped out of the truck (it was dark - 10pm ish) "SMOOSH", ankle deep in mud......"PLOP"- new fabric in MUD puddle!!  ARGH....

To make a long story short, my fabric was washed and hung to dry over night and I don't think those kids will ever park in my spot again!!

Freshly washed and hung to dry!!
I think I will tell my son I would like a sign that reads "MOMS Parking Only" for Mothers Day!! LOL

I hope wherever you are in this big world that spring has made it to your back yard!  We are finally seeing some nice temperatures here in Alberta (around 10 degrees celcius) and the snow is slowly starting to melt.  I still have drifts around the north and west side of the house that are over a meter deep though, so we need lots of sunshine to melt it away!

Have a Very Happy Easter and keep stitching,



  1. Poor you!! Have a wonderful Easter and hopefully get only tulips and daffodils on your side of the Rockies!! NO MORE of the white stuff!

  2. Cindy, let's switch weather for a while. I'm in Perth, Western Australia and we have been suffering through a very long, extremely hot summer (weeks and weeks of 37c temps) and as we go into 'winter' (I love what the Australians think of as winter...) it's still bloody hot. Yesterday was 33 and today is forecasted for 34. God, I miss the northern hemisphere sometimes.

  3. Ahh, youg drivers living at home...son=meday that too will pass - and you will miss thme. Looks like you did some great fabric shopping! WELL DONE.

  4. Well I hope that you get your sign... I need one too, maybe he can make me one... Poor you for having to wash your fabric so late at night, but I bet that they will never park there again.
    Happy Easter.