Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sew Quick

Hi all,

In about a half an hour I managed to make the cutest little change purse.  Remember I had picked up the supplies in New York.  The instructions are all in Japanese, but the shop where I purhcased the fabric and handle at, have it in English on their blog,  Its a darling little purse if I do say so myself.

Its hard to tell but the handle has little light green marbles on top and the fabric has a nice small light green print.  I think I will just sit and look at it for awhile!!

I would like to send out a hugeTHANK YOU to Karen at  I was a lucky gal and won her draw for a darling little "wavy wipers" bundle.

Wavy Wipers

I Love, love, love getting neat little packages in the mail!  That and magazines, I am a magazine/book junkie!! Thanks again Karen, they will be put to good use in my busy little house!

I am also working on some mittens for my 3 and 5 year old  great nephews.  I am a lucky aunty that gets to babysit them twice a week as well as their little brother (one year old).  We have a lot fun.  When I knit, they like to throw the ball of yarn in the air or hold my needles and knit along with me.  They put in their orders for yellow mittens with some rainbow colors and red mittens with some rainbow colors!!  Tall order I know but I shall fill it.....

On another note.......Fall is in the Air!  It is very damp here so harvest is moving along at a snails pace!  I am anxious to see the combines in the fields and the dust in the air.  I really hope we have a bit of an Indian Summer..........soon!  Fall draws me towards fabrics in red, orange, rust, get  the picture!  Still not sure on what to make but I want leaves in it and maybe a few pumpkins....ideas?




  1. enjoy your wavy wipers! i'm a bit jealous that you went to that NY shop. it's on my to-do list. but i did get that same knitting book and love almost everything in it.

  2. Welcome to the neighborhood. I hopped over from your comment on Daisy Cottage. Blogger is giving me fits and wouldn't allow me to follow right now but I'll be back. A fellow stitcher, Patty

  3. I love your new blog background.... It looks great!